Introducing Derek, the dark comedy cowboy! This newcomer to the comedy scene is quickly making a name for himself with his unique brand of humor. Derek is all about dark comedy, and he’s not afraid to tackle controversial or taboo subjects head-on. He’s direct, unapologetic, and always ready with a cynical quip.

If you’re a dark comedy fan, check out Derek’s monthly show at Mabuhay Karaoke bar.

Once a month on a Thursday, Derek takes the stage as the host of our Dark Comedy Night, bringing together some of the funniest and edgiest comedians around.

But Derek is more than just a comedian – he’s also a skilled carpenter by day.

That’s right, Derek is a jack-of-all-trades, equally comfortable building a whole house while delivering a punchline.

Derek’s background is a mix of German and Canadian heritage, and it’s clear that he’s a man of many interests. He’s a fan of motorbikes, and he even builds his own guitars in his spare time. Talk about talent!

Despite his tough exterior and penchant for dark humor, Derek is actually a bit of a softie at heart. He may be unapologetic and shameless on stage, but he’s also a big fan of animals and rumor has it that he rescues stray cats and dogs on a regular basis.

Don’t miss your chance to see Derek and other talented comedians at Mabuhay Karaoke bar. The Dark Comedy Night is sure to be a hilarious and unforgettable evening.